Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tony Time!

Fact...I love me some Broadway.

And tonight just happens to be the Great White Way's biggest night...


And guess what, my bestie, Judith won! So happy for her, I misted a little as they called her name. Yeah, shut up and don't judge. It was so exciting to see her stand up and not know what end was up after her name was called. She couldn't believe she had won. And then she gets up there and thanks everyone including the people in the box office! Yeah, she's that humble and amazing of a person. It's why we be besties! Way to go Aunt Hilda!

And then there is Steve Kazee. It was the most tender acceptance speech I think I've ever heard. He lost his mom to cancer on Easter Sunday. He dedicated the award to her. He said that before he would perform, she would always say to him "Stand up there and show them who's little boy you are!" So he went on to say that he was proudly the son of  Kathy Withrow Kazee and that the award was for her. It was so touching and moving and I will admit that it wasn't just misting I was experiencing, the waterworks were a little more substantial than that. What a neat guy. So happy for him!

Oh it makes me want to go back to the Big Apple! Hey, I can get a bag packed in no time bout you? What do you say we hit the next red eye outta here, and hit up the ole Broadway?! Game on!

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